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Vicky Foxcroft MP

Opposition Whip and Chair
Youth Violence Commission (Confirmed)

Vicky Foxcroft was elected to represented Lewisham Deptford in 2015. Prior to her election, Vicky served as a local councillor and worked as a trade unionist where she led campaigns against low pay, the exploitation of agency workers and the use of zero hour contracts. Since being elected Vicky has strived to be a strong local voice for Lewisham Deptford in Parliament. Her focuses have been influenced by the issues encountered locally and by campaigns in the community. She currently serves as one of the Labour Opposition Whips. Following the deaths of five young people from Lewisham Deptford, and the rise of knife crime in the area, Vicky arranged for a debate to take place in Parliament on youth violence. That debate called for the Youth Violence Commission to be established, which Vicky now Chairs.  

  • A discussion on how violent crime rates and public health can be improved by adopting the public health model;
  • A look at how Glasgow managed to turn around their mantle as ‘Western Europe’s Most Violent City’ to one of its safest, with a budget of £1m and 20 staff;
  • Examining councils that have begun implementing the public health model, like Lambeth, and the challenges they face: Is it as simple as ‘one-model-fits-all’?