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Paul Speight

Watch Manager
Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Services (confirmed)

Paul Speight joined Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service in 1988. After serving 16 years at different fire and rescue stations as a firefighter and Crew Manager, he transferred into the Community Safety Support Team as Watch Manager. Given references for Fire Investigation, Road Safety and Virtual Reality was quickly added, two years ago Paul introduced the UK to the VR 360 video via his ground breaking award winning road safety film. This film is now being used in Country’s all over the world to help reduce the number of killed and serious injuries on the roads. Paul has taken this technology to the next level and has used virtual reality to produce a training film for Fire Investigators and Police scene of crime officers with partners RiVR enabling them to train in the most realistic virtual reality environments, with the ability to interact with objects, place objects of interest into an evidence bag for further examination in the white room, this is one technology that really has to be seen to be believed

  • Using Virtual Reality goggles and specially produced film, to immerse participants in a pre and post-crash scenario;
  • Maximising the potential of VR for emergency service planning and emergency response and;
  • Developing virtual reality training to engage and influence the attitudes and behaviours of first responders and young people.