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Chris Ince

Consultant Psychiatrist
Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust (confirmed)

Chris currently works as a Consultant Psychiatrist within the Specialist In-Patient Autism Services based at Northgate Hospital. He is the Associate Medical Director (Inpatient – North) and has oversight for the inpatient services at St George’s Park, Morpeth. He has a CCT in the Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities and has long-standing experience in working with offenders, both with and without a learning disability, in both a community and secure in-patient setting, throughout the North East of England. He is a Core and Higher Trainer on the Northern Deanery Rotational Training Scheme and also the Training Programme Director – Core (North). He holds a post with the Care Quality Commission as a Specialist Advisor in Mental Health.

  • Developing ‘Respond’: a multi-agency simulation training programme designed to increase a team’s operational efficiency;
  • Creating a system which encompasses innovative communications technology, critical alert and messaging systems;
  • Acting out different professional roles to encourage better understanding of the needs and priorities of paramedics, police officers, mental health professionals, as well as individuals in crisis;
  • Putting collaboration and shared services at the forefront to achieve better results in emergency scenarios and;
  • Improving decision making by practicing on three emergency scenarios: Crisis in a public space; crisis within a private address; and crisis in a ward.