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Darryl Keen

Director of Community Protection and Chief Fire Officer
Hertfordshire County Council Community Protection Directorate (confirmed)

Darryl is the Hertfordshire County Council Director of Community Protection and Chief Fire Officer and has been an operational fire officer for over 25 years. Darryl is the National Fire Chiefs Council Strategic Lead for Operational Communications and is also leading work with British Telecom and all of the emergency services to replace the UK's 999/112 infrastructure. During his career Darryl has worked on a number of fire service control programmes and is the Chair of the East Coast and Hertfordshire Control Room Consortium which is introducing a networked Mobilising system for Hertfordshire, Humberside, Lincolnshire and Norfolk FRS.

  • Training and recruitment: exploring the changing expectations from new recruits, as well as the ever-changing expectation of a modern workplace for the emergency services;
  • Innovative funding models across all blue light services;
  • Are there ways to de-politicise and minimise the process of procurements and contracts?
  • How can employee wellbeing be guaranteed, considering the high priority and unpredictable nature of emergencies?
  • Establishing the vision for the development and operation of business management and information systems for blue light services and;
  • The importance of innovation, in both a technological and cognitive sense – how all emergency services should be scrutinising and progressing their systems and models of working including digital platforms, cloud hosting and control room solutions.