2017 Exhibitors


Blue Light Innovation 2017 features a selected range of one-hour seminars that will allow delegates to explore key topics in more detail.

Seminars run in both the morning and afternoon and will encourage interactive discussion, giving you the chance to contribute and share solutions around a number of focused topics, hosted by leaders in the field.

If you believe that you have something to offer the day and want to find out more about sponsoring and delivering a session, call Ed Irving on 0161 211 3024 or email [email protected].co.uk

Seminar Presented by Process Evolution

How to Provide an Evidence Base for ‘Right First Time’ Change

Delegates will learn how an evidence based approach to change can help the emergency services manage demand more effectively through better service delivery model design and match of resources to demand. The seminar will feature examples of how Police Forces are meeting the challenges of changing demand, collaborating in specialist services and understanding how best to use their Neighbourhood Policing resources.

  • Factors to consider when determining resource requirements to manage demand
  • Role of evidence based tools in supporting change
  • How to match resources to where and when demand occurs
  • Identifying sources of waste and inefficiency

Speaker: Peter Loader, Director, Process Evolution

Seminar Presented by S3

Actionable Insight from your Data … by Joining it up & using Advanced Analytics

Data is the new natural resource – we’re all facing data overload. In many instances, it’s in different systems, doesn’t have a structure that computers can understand to allow people to search it intuitively and there’s so much of it, it’s hard to make any sense of it. This session will concentrate on some innovative techniques to solve all three problems, whilst at the same time providing politically acceptable ways for organisations to share data to improve outcomes. We will describe the technology, in easy to understand terms and then describe a couple of real use cases delivering results today in the UK.

  • Automating the joining up of data from different systems, and even different public sector organisations whilst meeting data protection guidelines
  • Examples of real solutions, to exploit this joined up data: Tackling child exploitation, sharing across police & local authority using predictive analytics
  • Using Analytics to automate searching hours of CCTV, Body Worn & Social Media video

Speaker: Mark Goossens, Client Director, Home Office & Police, IBM

Seminar Presented by Ivanti

How Ivanti can help you align Cyber Essentials and guidance from the NCSC

Ivanti cybersecurity solutions provide the firm foundation that emergency services require to align themselves to the guidance given by the Cyber Essential practices highlighted by the NCSC.  During our session, delegates will learn:

  • How Patch and Vulnerability Management is the baseline for endpoint security
  • Why discovery and inventory is an important part of your security strategy
  • How Application and Device control can help balance both user experience (productivity) and Security

Speaker: Matthew Walker, AVP EMEA Products Specialists, Ivanti

Seminar Presented by Ordnance Survey

Using Geospatial Data to Enable Blue Light Innovation and Collaboration

Geospatial data plays a key role in helping the emergency services collaborate and improve service delivery. After all, everything the emergency services do happens somewhere. This seminar will showcase some exemplar examples of how the emergency services are currently benefiting from using Ordnance Survey data which is available for free through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) and offer insight into how Geospatial data and technology such as the Internet of Things and 5G could be used to enable blue light innovation and collaboration in the future.

  • Understand current uses of geospatial data by blue light organisations
  • An insight into how geospatial data can further enhance future blue light collaboration and response
  • Reminder of Ordnance Survey’s free resources to blue light organisations

 Speakers: Andrew Cooling, Strategic Relationship Manager, Government Relationships Team & Iain Goodwin, Relationship Manager, Government Relationships Team

Seminar Presented by APD Communications

Hybrid ESN and our LTE Future

TETRA and ESN are not enemies.  They can – and will have to – work together.  In this presentation you’ll find out what ‘Hybrid ESN’ means for your operation and how to get the benefits from our LTE future

  • What Hybrid ESN is and how to use it as an operational advantage
  • What LTE promises and how to ensure you get it
  • How one simple purchasing mistake will KILL your LTE future and what to do about it

Speaker: Mike Isherwood, Managing Director of APD Communications

Seminar Presented by Box

IT transformation in the Met

  • The current IT strategy  – the  road to digital with a focus on collaboration
  • Transforming within Government
  • Aiming to be a digitally-connected police force,
  • Equipping officers and staff with the technology to enable a constantly-improving service and response to crime in London

Speaker: Angus McCallum, Chief Information Officer at Metropolitan Police

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