2017 Exhibitors


Seminar Presented by Process Evolution

How to Provide an Evidence Base for ‘Right First Time’ Change

Delegates will learn how an evidence based approach to change can help the emergency services mange demand more effectively through better service delivery model design and match of resources to demand. The seminar will feature examples of how Police Forces are meeting the challenges of changing demand, collaborating in specialist services and understanding how best to use their Neighbourhood Policing resources.

  • Factors to consider when determining resource requirements to manage demand
  • Role of evidence based tools in supporting change
  • How to match resources to where and when demand occurs
  • Identifying sources of waste and inefficiency

Speaker: Peter Loader, Director, Process Evolution

Seminar Presented by S3

Actionable Insight from your Data … by Joining it up & using Advanced Analytics

Data is the new natural resource – we’re all facing data overload. In many instances, it’s in different systems, doesn’t have a structure that computers can understand to allow people to search it intuitively and there’s so much of it, it’s hard to make any sense of it. This session will concentrate on some innovative techniques to solve all three problems, whilst at the same time providing politically acceptable ways for organisations to share data to improve outcomes. We will describe the technology, in easy to understand terms and then describe a couple of real use cases delivering results today in the UK.

  • Automating the joining up of data from different systems, and even different public sector organisations whilst meeting data protection guidelines
  • Examples of real solutions, to exploit this joined up data: Tackling child exploitation, sharing across police & local authority using predictive analytics
  • Using Analytics to automate searching hours of CCTV, Body Worn & Social Media video

Speaker: Mark Goossens, Client Director, Home Office & Police, IBM

Seminar Presented by Ivanti

How Ivanti can help you align Cyber Essentials and guidance from the NCSC

Ivanti cybersecurity solutions provide the firm foundation that emergency services require to align themselves to the guidance given by the Cyber Essential practices highlighted by the NCSC.  During our session, delegates will learn:

  • How Patch and Vulnerability Management is the baseline for endpoint security
  • Why discovery and inventory is an important part of your security strategy
  • How Application and Device control can help balance both user experience (productivity) and Security

Speaker: Matthew Walker, AVP EMEA Products Specialists, Ivanti

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